eifeler Lasertechnik | Company | Innovative technology: With the power of focused and invisible light beam, properties of surfaces can be application-oriented adjusted.


eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH:
Laser hardening – Laser metal deposition
Inductive hardening – Flame hardening

eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH | your specialist for laser hardening and laser metal deposition

Hard, where it needs to be hard! Surface treatment with the power of a focused light beam – that’s the world of
eifeler Lasertechnik GmbH.

Laser hardening - precise and accurate contour = modern laser technology


The innovative technology of laser hardening has replaced the induction or flame hardening in many applications.
The laser hardening process offers a lot of advantages. Especially in areas where high wear occurs the innovative procedure of laser hardening can be hardened very precise and with a accurate contour.

Fast and efficient surface optimization with laser technology

In the field of  laser material processing our offer are the DMD ( Direct Metal Deposition ) and the LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) technology. Through the use of this modern and flexible technology the surfaces of tools  can be quickly and efficiently optimized.

Applying of wear protection or functional layers with laser technology

The very young method of laser cladding convinces in many respects: For example the laser cladding process allows the controlled application of wear-resistant coating. In addition, the production of functional coatings on cheaper base materials is possible.

Modern plant technology and continuing development

We are focused on providing our customers with the latest system technology, combined with the own intensive and continuous process development.


If you'd like further information about laser hardening or laser cladding, please contact us via phone, fax or e-mail. Furthermore you can use our online form on the website.

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